Eric really loves burgers.  When we eat out, I always know that he will order a burger.  So since he is obviously the king of burgers, he is the one that makes them in our house.  Recently, he decided to experiment a bit with his homemade venison burgers and they are absolutely amazing–definitely better than anything I have ever had at a restaurant!  Since we still have quite a bit of venison, Eric made plenty of burgers so we could freeze some.  It is a wonderfully quick and easy meal to grab some frozen homemade burgers out of the freezer and throw them on the grill!  While he is not ready to fully disclose his personal burger recipe (apparently, it’s still in the fine stages of tweaking), I think the best additions were Italian bread crumbs, cooked bacon, and the hamburger seasoning we just bought at the Ashery Country Store in Amish Country.

The other day I needed hamburger buns but didn’t feel like running out in the pouring rain with Lizzie.  Plus, I had been wanting to try to make my own buns.  I followed this recipe for hamburger buns from one of my favorite blogs and they tasted great.  They turned out alright but didn’t rise very well for me.  The recipe says to preheat your oven and then turn it off and let the buns rise in the oven.  That didn’t work quite right in our microwave convection oven since it doesn’t stay warm.  They may not have looked perfect, but they tasted pretty good!

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal of homemade venison burgers and homemade hamburger buns!

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